Stunning Sardinia, breathtaking white sand beaches around La Maddalena

Beautiful landscape,  a paradise in Europe for an outstanding beach holidays and road trip experience. The island has proof of longevity, would it be the weather, food and scenery? We went there to find out!

We set off for this magnificent island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the most ancient bodies of land in Europe being 500 million years old. It’s always good to be back in Italy, is truly one of my favorite places to travel, they have  good food and wine throughout the country, as well as crystal clear and sand beaches – the reason we choose Sardinia this time.

This sunny island enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year.




We flew to Alghero on the east coast as our idea was to explore the north coast including the most desired Costa Esmeralda. The island is mainly a mountainous region, excellent for a road trip. Sardinia has its own language which varies dramatically from one area to the next. The ‘Sard’ language is based on Latin but still bears the influence of the ancient languages.

There’s one golden rule: avoid August. That’s when the whole European families flock to the sunny beaches desperate for the best hotel deals and best spot by the sea. May is normally the begin of a new season and the temperatures are very pleasant for a beach break, as well as the end of September and October.


                                                                                                             La Pelosa

Sardinia offers plenty of choices of traditional  restaurants – Cucina Sarda as typical wine and beer. A huge variety of seafood and pasta, and a delicious dessert Seadas which I highly recommend. For wine lovers like me, treat yourself with Vermentino di Gallura Superiore, it`s a clean and fresh white wine perfect for a hot summer day, it tastes like peaches and citrus fruit with a nice minerality quality. It`s sad to be the best representation o Vermentino in the world, the climate is harsh and the soil is a poor base of granites, the dry conditions of Gallura help keep the wine from becoming watered down and the skin of grapes from cracking. They also have a good variety of red grapes that is commercially in other parts of Italy, like the prolific Nuragus, as well as clones of classic Mediterranean varietals like Moscato and Malvasia. Nuragus is a red grape of historical significance, they are often  strong, concentrated dry reds,  and not to mention a large variety of the sparkling Pro Seco you can choose from, and to finish the meal the traditional Mirto – a digestive berry liqueur. Both food and wine pretty affordable and good restaurants you may be billed something as 60Euros for 2.



A good tip is this gorgeous restaurant on the top of a mountain with an amazing view overlooking Castelsardo and the sea. If you are lucky to be there around evening time, you will be mesmerized by the sunset – Rocca’Ja.


                                                                                                              Sunset – Castelsardo

Our hotel was in Castelsardo – a beautiful charming medieval town on the north coast – Castelsardo Resort, with amazing views and a private beach of Baia Ostina.


                                                                                                      Baia Ostina

La Pelosa: Yes, all the reviews I’ve read were banged on – La Pelosa on the Northen coast of Sardinia, comune of Stintino is a proper day in paradise. A blue – crystal clear – sand beach, what else one can ask for? Maybe fewer people! Would be great actually. Even though was early September – officially no longer high summer and the busiest period, however, was yet crowded…

When you arrive there ( by car) by the main road, Viale La Pelosa, is quite difficult to park. There is one parking, so if you have a chance do leave your car there, do it. The only issue is the parking machine, so do make sure you have enough coins otherwise is quite tough to get change even though there is a ‘money/coins’ machine, unfortunately, wasn’t working when we were there.

Heading to paradise – Happy days! Road trip + beach



La Pelosa

Costa Smeralda: Located in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, in the well know Gallura region. Is the most famous part of the Island being a luxury holiday destination within unforgettable beaches of white and crystal clear emerald green and blue crystal clear water.

For the day trip, we choose a sailing a sailboat with only twelve people on board, including lunch and plenty of wine. The company is  Dea del mare  they were great! It was a wonderful day of blue sky and very high temperature… just a good reason to plan another trip back to this paradise. 


                                                                                                                 Spiaggia di Cala Corsara

“The cultural references offered by the Archipelago are also interesting; Caprera is famous as the island of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the central figures in the formation of a unified Italy, chose to take a temporary retirement.”

“Remember the famous scene in the film “The Spy who Loved Me” where Bond drives his Lotus Esprit out of the sea? That was filmed on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda in 1977″

I hope to have shown a little about Sardinia, however, you know… The best way is always to experience it for yourself… I guess I now can understand the reason for their longevity… would it be the Mediterranean cuisine and the wine? I guess yet to be proved, but I would say so!

The post is based on my own experience and feelings about this country that I love increasingly.

Have you been to Sardinia? Can you share their secret of longevity?


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