Finding the Best Beaches in Sardinia – Maddalena Archipelago.

Sardinia is known for its famous residents and visitors, stunning scenery and delicious food and wine. Be part of the sailing regatta that fills the summer months is a must, the many pretty seaside villages, long stretches of white sand beaches, the different tones of green-blue water of the Mediterranean all of which make this island a truly unique experience. Here is how to find the best beaches around Sardinia.


This sunny island enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year.

In my opinion, the most incredible beaches are located in the Maddalena Archipelago, it seats at north-eastern of Sardinia, it consists of seven main islands and numerous other small islets. the two main island Maddalena and Caprera both linked by a bridge you can easily cross driving. As well as Spargi, Budelli, Cala Santa Maria and Razzoli. As it is a natural reserve park, some areas are off-limits to human tampering. Having said that, the best way to explore this island chain is to rent a boat in one of the ports, they have a range of options.  The captain was a great guy and he knew all about sailing and the region, he even allowed me to take control of the boat for quite some time and I felt in love with sailing… it was a great experience. 

“Remember the famous scene in the film “The Spy Who Loved Me” where Bond drives his Lotus Esprit out of the sea? That was filmed on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda in 1977″

Caprera is a great island to explore, it has an option for all and the south of the island is more accessible. There’s a lot of off-road trails for the enthusiasts, we rent a quadricycle. I highly recommend, it allowed us to go to get into places a car wouldn’t go, the island is full of fascinating rock formations carved by the wind, I could spend days in there taking pictures. The beaches are made of granite and schist rock offers splendid views, crystal-clear water where you could see every detail of your toes, even when deep in. Because of their location, they have been crucial for military bases and naval strategy, the archipelago was created in 1996.  It is the land of the famous Garibaldi, an Italian general who commanded the Risorgimento, the movement which unified Italy in 1860s . It is one of the most ancient bodies of land in Europe being 500 million years old.

For wine lovers like me, treat yourself with Vermentino di Gallura Superiore, it`s a clean and fresh white wine perfect for a hot summer day, it tastes like peaches and citrus fruit with a nice minerality quality. It`s sad to be the best representation o Vermentino in the world.

It’s worth to mention Maddalena archipelago can be very windy,  the average wind speed is 20 kph, the reason why makes so special for sailing and the rocks hold such beautiful shapes.

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