The Amazing Cultural Experience of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country with the most happiest and genuine people I’ve ever seen, they always greet you with a gorgeous wide smile. There’s no doubt the people of Cambodia will make your holidays more fulfilling. The food is divine and very tasty, my favorite was the famous beef lak lak which marinated in black pepper and lime juice.

Heir to the ancient Khmer Empire, modern-day Cambodia is benefiting from two decades of relative stability, even though yet a very poor country,  having endured civil war and the murderous rule of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s.

The country’s traditions date many centuries back, and the combination of Buddhist and Hindu customs reflects in their people’s hospitality and kindness.

We’ve visited Siem Reap which is located northwestern Cambodia, and our days would resume in between food street markets and visiting the artisans, and of course driving around the town with a tuk-tuk – I would say was one of the highlights of the trip. You can hire one for the full day ‘and have a personal driver and tour guide’ for as little as U$10.

Our tuk-tuk driver

Food Markets

Psar Chaa – Old Market, it’s the place where locals and tourists come to shop for traditional clothing and consume some local street food. Although for a more in-depth local experience do go to Phsar Leu, it is the biggest market and more authentic.  At those markets, you can see all sort of ‘exotic and wild’ food, such as bugs and insects. Some people may see bugs as a negative part of visiting hot and humid southeast Asia, but many Cambodians (and daring tourists) see them as a tasty treat. Adventurous eaters can try an array of worms, spiders, crickets and other insects that have been fried or simply seasoned.

We also visited the Artisan d’Angkor, where you can get a deep insight into the skilled workmanship of traditional and famous handicrafts in Cambodia. It is a very touch experience as you can feel real love and peace in all of those people, the atmosphere is pure and light, makes you reflect life in a more positive way.  Their main idea is to help young people to find work and is well incentive as a social work.

Artisan d’Angkor


The initial idea to travel to Cambodia, was to visit the ancient Angkor Wat ( which is my next post), however, Siem Reap was a surprise to our trip to Southeastern Asia. The experience was mesmerizing.  La Tradition D ‘Angkor – was our resort.

Have you been to Siem Reap? Do share your thoughts with me!

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