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The passion for food, travel and photography drove me to create this blog. These 3 elements brings me alive and I love being able to explore moments and document real life through photography, it can be a trip, a fine dining or even a delicious cup of coffee. Not mentioning yet, I am a wine lover.

In 2006, I moved to London, was when it all started to make more sense.

The experience of being in a cosmopolitan city where everything happens and the opportunities are endless.

In London, I studied Gastronomy at the University of Westminster. I also had the opportunity to work on high-level kitchens with renowned chefs such as the Honourable Society of Inner Temple (Court of London) and the famous Gherkin.

Feeling a Londoner already, where time is short, I decided I would spend my spare time seeking for more adventure. In this case, explore my passion for wine.

I’ve joined Wine courses, as one with the famous Michael Schuster as many Wine tastings and exhibitions.

What to say about travel… no words can describe the feeling to arrive on a new destination, to explore places where you’ve never been before, experience new cultures, flavours, languages and feel amazed!! And do it again and keep on over and over.

For last not least, photography. I am always looking for the best shot, and I certainly will get there.

Through my eyes is how I see the world.



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